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I am on a mission to make pleasure a priority in our everyday lives.

Pleasure in its broadest sense - a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment - is something we all have access to regardless of our age, gender, sexuality, financial or relationship status, and experience. And we deserve an abundance of it. 

Prioritising pleasure is a route to us being able to show up with all of our passion, curiosity, and authenticity for ourselves, our relationships, work, and communities. That feels pretty important - and very much needed - right now. 

My role as The Sensuality Sensei is to create permissive and playful environments for people to explore their edges, express the unexpressed, and bring more of their uniquely vibrant aliveness into the world. 


About Me

Sensuality is “The enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical pleasure”

I am unquenchably curious, compassionate, and dynamic. A professionally trained, trauma-informed pleasure coach, sex educator, and conscious kink practitioner, I see myself as a liberator of aliveness - here to (re)connect you to the abundance of pleasure that is already right at your fingertips.


Thank you so much for deepening my knowledge of my body’s desires and broadening my understanding of the pleasure that is possible... I am brimming with excitement at the discoveries that I know are ahead of me.

Steph, Manchester


“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive

Joseph Campbell


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I am available for in-person sessions in Liverpool and the surrounding areas (such as the Wirral, Manchester, North Wales, and Cheshire), and I also work online.

Liverpool, England, UK

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Image credits: Sensual images are taken from the Color Theory project by Connor Singh. Personal photo by Varun Mansharamani.