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Pleasure Club: Events and Workshops

Whether you are looking to dip your toe in the waters of conscious kink or make big changes to how you're showing up in your life, I offer a range of group learning experiences from one-off events to programmes.

The Kinky Classroom
In-person (Liverpool)

A monthly(ish) event where you can learn about different aspects of conscious kink in a space that centres curiosity, consent, and communication. 

I aim to provide a friendly, non-intimidating space to explore kink with a focus on different topics each month. 

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Harnessing your Inner Dominance

In-person (Liverpool or Manchester)

A workshop for people wishing to step into a more Dominant role in their play or in life in general! 

Here the focus is on accessing, cultivating, and embodying our inner power in an authentic way so that we can use it for good! 


 Power & Presence Mentorship Programme

A 3-month deep dive into befriending your own Inner Power. The programme incorporates group coaching, self-reflection, community support and accountability, and an in-person gathering where you can put it all into practice! 

Limited space are available for each programme. Check out the event page for more information.

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Private Tutorials
In person and online

If you can’t make it to my events, or if you prefer to learn in a different setting, I offer private lessons on a range of topics - from finding your inner Dominant, to being a better sub, and from mastering sexy talk to technical skills such as Shibari. 

I am also available to book for talks on ethical kink, performances, or to run workshops at events. These are designed and priced based on your needs

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Events and Workshops: Testimonials

Celebrating your radiance and the magic you bring. What an amazing space!! Thank you from my heart xxxx

Image credits: based on photography from conscious_design and Mia Harvey on Unsplash. 

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