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Give the gift of pleasure

The following services or packages make an ideal gift for a loved one. Upon purchase, you will receive a beautiful gift voucher - digital (by email) and/or printed (by mail) - which can then be redeemed by the recipient within 3 months.

Many hands couples massage
In-person session for one recipient (Liverpool)

There is something truly magical about receiving a massage from more than one person at a time. It can feel indulgent, deeply nourishing, and delicious. 

We will start by discussing boundaries and preferences for all involved. You will then work alongside me to give your loved one a sensual massage whilst they relax and enjoy the whole experience. The best bit is - you don't need to be a skilled masseur! 

£180 for a 90-minute session


The Alternative Date Night 
In-person session for two (Liverpool)

The perfect way to bring more playfulness, intimacy, and sensuality into your connection. 

In this 3-hour, interactive session, you'll be fully guided by me to explore: how to communicate your desires to each other in a non-cringey way,  different roles and dynamics, and new ways to touch that will light each other up!  

Not only will you both have the opportunity to give and receive during the session (if you like), but you'll also take away games and inspiration to continue your explorations at home...


£375 including an introductory call prior to the session.

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