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Harnessing your Inner Dominance

In-person (Liverpool or Manchester)

I believe that we ALL have the capacity to step into a Dominant role, regardless of whether we are more familiar with submissiveness OR completely inexperienced with kink. You don’t need to be a great actor, have lots of fancy toys, or look a certain way to do this! 

This workshop is an introduction to my style of Dominance, which centres authenticity, consent, and responsibility. Here the focus is on accessing and embodying our inner power so that we can use it for good, whether that’s creating exciting experiences for our play partners or feeling more confident holding boundaries in day-to-day life. 

In this 5-hour workshop, I will present theory, invite discussion, take you through embodied enquiries, and give space for practice. We will cover what power actually is and how it shows up in our lives currently, the relationship between Dominance and submission, and how to cultivate your inner Dominance through practical experimentation. 

What past participants have said about this workshop:

“Lex's knowledge and understanding of the topic was very clear from how they delivered the content and the ease in which they were able to guide discussion. The exercises we did with Lex were a great introduction to exploring our relationship to power, power dynamics, consent and the embodiment of our Inner-Dominatrix. The space was invitational and Lex's ability to hold space ensured that everyone felt comfortable to participate in discussion as and when they wanted. Thank you Lex! I look forward to attending more workshops!”

Carla, Lancaster.

“Lex held the space in a kind, playful and wise way. All amounts of experience were welcome. Lex embodies what they teach, which brings deep authenticity. I left the workshop with tips and ideas of ways to cultivate my inner dom and a hunger for more places to practice!”

Anon, Liverpool

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