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Platonic Pleasures

Intimacy without a focus on the erotic

At times we can feel under pressure to fill a lack or longing that we can't quite pinpoint or articulate. Often the response is to grab for a new romantic relationship, sexual interaction, or something to numb out the feeling.

Another commonly used strategy is to go deeper into serving - giving time, energy, affection, or touch to others - in order to feel what we call "indirect pleasure" (pleasure derived from witnessing someone else's happiness or arousal). 

When we can't find the source of our own longing it can seem easier in the short term to use these strategies. Sometimes they become a habit though and we lose our sense of what we actually want or what pleasure would feel like for us. 

I want to offer a space for people who wish to slow down, bring some of that focus back inwards, and nourish their body, mind, and soul. 

Platonic Pleasures

A space to explore intimacy in a pressure-free environment without a focus on the erotic.

For the times when you need a non-judgemental companion in your life who knows how to really listen! I can be your sounding board, your practice partner for voicing boundaries and desires or challenging conversations, or someone to buddy up with at your next +1 social event. 

There is also an option to explore physical intimacy - which may include eye gazing, hugging, hand holding, or other non-erotic touch. 

Unlike coaching sessions, these are available by the hour but at fixed times and locations.

From £120 for a 1-hour session 

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Celebrating your radiance and the magic you bring. What an amazing space!! Thank you from my heart xxxx

Image credits: based on photography from conscious_design and Mia Harvey on Unsplash. 

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