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“We are the most intensely excited when we are a little off-balance, uncertain, poised on the perilous edge between ecstasy and disaster”

Jack Morin

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Welcome to a more pleasure-filled life!

I create permissive and playful environments for people to explore their edges, express the unexpressed, and bring more of their uniquely vibrant essence into the world. 

I'm here for you if you want to build capacity in your body, mind, and life to experience and integrate more pleasure and aliveness. It’s radical work and I’m here to guide and support you along the way.

Here are some examples of reasons why people come to me: 

  • To remove blocks to experiencing pleasure e.g. shame, fear, embarrassment 

  • To be able to communicate what they want/desire (or figure out what they want in the first place) 

  • Feeling stuck, bored, or unfulfilled in their current sex life/relationship 

  • Lack of sexual appetite or mismatched sex drives 

  • Having lots of sex but never feeling satisfied

  • Wanting to explore different relationship dynamics and formats, or for support transitioning into/out of a relationship 

  • Curiosity to try new experiences e.g. kink

Dive deeper into some of my offerings below or get in touch to discuss a session or programme that suits you.


Pleasure Adventures

Explore your erotic edges through the art of conscious kink

Pleasure Coaching

In-person and online Sexological Bodywork, intimacy, and relationship coaching

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Thank you so much for deepening my knowledge of my body’s desires and broadening my understanding of the pleasure that is possible... I am brimming with excitement at the discoveries that I know are ahead of me.

Steph, Manchester

Image credits: Sensual images are taken from the Color Theory project by Connor Singh.

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